Thursday, July 02, 2009

The transvestite is back

I live on the 3rd floor in an Obos apartment building. There are 2-3 others like it across from me, and we have facing balconies.

Last summer I noticed that across from my building, on the first floor, there was a woman on the balcony. But something just didn’t seem right. She was wearing a nice summer dress… but still, something was off. As I looked closer I could see why. She had a 5 o`clock shadow and very hairy legs.


This fascinated me, how this guy would suddenly come out in a summer dress, make up and ear rings, and just sit there drinking wine.

He did this several times, and he had about 2-3 different dresses. Sometimes he would wear a pair of white high heeled shoes to match. Well, I don`t know if they matched or not, I think he had just the one pair.

But as much as I was fascinated by this, it was also kind of sad. Every time I looked out the window he would still sit there, sipping wine, doing nothing else. I felt sorry for him because he seemed really lonely.

I`m sure he was aware that people could see him, and that curious neighbors, like myself, were watching. Maybe this is what he was after, and what excited him.

Well, he stopped doing that and until recently he has been on his balcony, as a guy, reading books while drinking some beer.

Until today.

Once again, the blue summer dress with the white flowers is back, with a couple of nice earrings. I`m not sure what he`s reading, but he has a 6-pack of beers with him.

I hope he finds someone he can share his dresses with soon.

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