Monday, July 27, 2009

where the masses are

I had a few errands to do today, and decided to make Ikea one of my stops.
Just a quick stop.
I just needed some picture frames for my new and improved hallway.
As I drive into the parking lot I immediately get a sense that this will not be just a "quick stop".
Right next to Ikea there are hundreds of kids playing soccer. There is some sort of "cup" going on, and they are also using the Ikea parking lot.
After sifting through the whole parking lot, in a very slow speed, with all the other cars who wanted to stop by, I end up on the far north end of the building, and all the way at the end of the lot. Didn`t even know there were parking spots up here.
Finally inside, I realize I need to slow down my "normal walking pace", which tends to be faster than the norm. Moms with kids are not the fastest walkers.
I make it upstairs. I am hungry. More lines to be in. Long lines. More kids screaming.
20 minutes later and I can finally sit down to a nice meal. The fish and potatoes with veggies, plus a slice of Napoleon cake and a cup of java.
Not bad for 100 kroners.
Although, have you ever tried to eat Napoleon cake without totally destroying it first?

Meal is finished, I have skimmed through the Dagbladet, and I am ready to tackle the crowd again.
I weave through the isles, following the arrows on the floor (we have to don`t we?). Have you ever tried walking against the arrows? Total confusion.
I have a plan though. That`s a must with Ikea. Bring a list.
I get my frames and head towards the checkout stands. More lines. Long lines, and more screaming kids. Why is everyone here?
The lady in the restaurant upstairs said that it was because of the soccer cup AND that it was raining outside. I guess people don`t have anything else to do. Like me.

But I find the "self-check out" lane. Quite ingenious. Scan your own items, scan your credit card, pack your stuff and leave.
Now I only had a 5 minute walk back to my car, in the rain.

This "quick stop" ended up taking me an hour and a half.
But I got my frames!
Now to decorate my new beautiful hallway.

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