Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Dette må jo bare bli morsomt!
Enda et unikt "en-gangs" løp (som i Svinesundsløpet i 2005), før den nye tunnellen åpner.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

photo shoot

From yesterday´s photo shoot in Drammen. The new location of Kreaktiv. I will be photographing the transformation from "old warehouse" to "brand spanking new location for Kreaktiv".

no more snow!

Could someone inform Mother Nature that winter is over? This is what I woke up to this morning. It´s been snowing continuously for the past 3 hours!
The roads were finally getting dry... well, drier anyways... I am now inside trying to comfort my Cannondale, who is very disappointed. There there... deep down we knew that this would happen a couple more times.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I finally got a haircut! My last one was in Houston... right before Christmas, so I was waaay overdue. I believe I paid 10 USD for my haircut in Houston. The price for a haircut here in Oslo? 350 kroners! That´s about 60 USD!
Can I wait until Christmas for my next haircut?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

video conference

I got to see my family today... in Houston!

Skype is so cool, and I`m still fascinated by the technology... even though we had to re-boot the pc a few times.
They were all over at Mom`s house celebrating 3 birthdays. Happy birthday Mom, Ken and Tenley! Wish I was there.
But at least I got to see you :-)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

in the red

Normally, "in the red" or "seeing red" are bad signs... but when it comes to the temperature, it is a most welcome sign!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

lovely tarmac

Oh how I love thee tarmac!
Never before have I lived in a country where the mere sight of the re-emergence of the lovely tarmac, after a long, cold winter, has excited me so.
The snow plows did the dirty work on Monday, and with today`s sunny weather, combined with the mercury rising, the road to work this morning was almost completely dry... and about 5 minutes faster!
I may even be able to switch out the studded tires with regular tires on my bike.
My Cannondale is screaming to get out too... and it looks like she will be able to get out of the house soon.
Aah, how I`ve missed the sight of tarmac.

Monday, March 08, 2010

spin spin spin

Another 2 hour spinning on Sunday. This time with me at the helm :)
During last weeks spin, I had offered to be the instructor since we only had a video to watch.
But after my 24-hour work-shift Thursday-Friday, and the late night ceremony Friday night, PLUS a late night Saturday with the drawing class, I was wondering if I was able to fulfill my obligations.

I managed to drag my ass into the spinning hall on Sunday and play 2 hours of music while I pressed everyone to spin their best. It was probably good for me to sweat out some of the toxins from this weekend, plus I felt it was one of my better sessions.
The group seemed happy with the session too, so now I guess I need to start working on next weeks program :-)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

6 am and I really want to go to bed now

Theres about 6-8 people in sleeping bags now, scattered around in different offices, trying to get in a power nap.
The others are still working diligently on their websites, high on Red Bull and pizza.
And I am in serious need of sleep.
I still have an hour left though... guess I´ll get some more coffee.

3 am and all is well

With the exception of 2 people who have bundled up in their sleeping bags, everybody is still up designing their websites for the competition.
I still have 4 hours left before someone relieves me from my shift, so I´ve taken a few photos of the competitors to help the time go by.

night shift: web design competition

It´s 10 pm and I just started my night shift at IGM. We are having a 24 hour web design competition. It started at 12 noon today and they have until 12 tomorrow to turn it in.
I will be here until 7 am.
Sort of a strange atmosphere here. There´s about 15 teams of 2-3 people, and they´ve all found different corners/offices to work in.
There´s a stack of pizzas in the kitchen and cases of Red Bull in the fridge, plus bowls with fruit... so I think we´ll be fine.
Unfortunately the season premiere of True Blood is tonight... in fact it starts in 5 minutes I think. So I´ll have to watch that later.
For info and updates on the web design competition go to this link:

Monday, March 01, 2010

spin me right ´round, right ´round baby

Sorry, very cheezy 80´s reference.
But! I went spinning yesterday! For 2 hours no less. First one this year.
Thanks to Oslofjord and a little bit of sweet talk to the right person at Sats, and we were able to have the spinning hall to ourselves.
With a big screen tv showing us up the mountains in the French alps, the 2 hours went by... well not fast, but they went by ;-)
I would have rather been in Spain with Ellen and Joachim, outside, on dry roads, in shorts.
Photo: Marit