Thursday, March 04, 2010

night shift: web design competition

It´s 10 pm and I just started my night shift at IGM. We are having a 24 hour web design competition. It started at 12 noon today and they have until 12 tomorrow to turn it in.
I will be here until 7 am.
Sort of a strange atmosphere here. There´s about 15 teams of 2-3 people, and they´ve all found different corners/offices to work in.
There´s a stack of pizzas in the kitchen and cases of Red Bull in the fridge, plus bowls with fruit... so I think we´ll be fine.
Unfortunately the season premiere of True Blood is tonight... in fact it starts in 5 minutes I think. So I´ll have to watch that later.
For info and updates on the web design competition go to this link:

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  1. What a bunch of whack jobs you all are...but then I once entered a donut eating contest. Yes, I won, so go figure.