Monday, June 29, 2009


We talk alot about nutrition and diet, especially in our little triathlon community. Just recently I went to a nutritionist to get some more pointers. No real big surprises: eat more veggies, drink more water, less milk products, etc.
But she also wants me to cut coffee and replace it with green tea.
Quit coffee? Is she insane?

There`s nothing like waking up to the smell of a nice warm cup of strong coffee. And when served in my Denny`s mug (which I`ve borrowed from Denny`s in Houston), I`m ready to face the world.

And by the way, I`ve tasted green tea. It tastes like ass.

I`ll cut down on milk products, and maybe even chocolate. I`ll eat more fish and go searching for ecological fruits and veggies. I`ll make smoothies with bananas and avocados and Omega 3.
But don`t take away my coffee!


Det er vel ganske sjeldent at vi opplever et langtidsvarsel som er så deilig som dette?


For those who don`t know me, I`m a little bit anal retentive and LOVE lists. Anything I can organize, alphabetize, catagorize, color code, etc etc.

I used to keep records of all my training info in these great little Kondis “diaries”. Everything was logged/written in and color coded. Very easy to flip back to previous years/months to quickly compare hours/form/pulse/weather, etc.

Now that I have tried to switch over to different web solutions, like, I miss the easy access of previous training times/info.

Part of my frustration is probably with my pulse watch, which is now outdated and will not always download to my PC.

It seems that every time I go digital, I will at one point have to go back to my paper records to dig up my backups. I will also print out my pulse curves, and put them in a binder, so that I can compare my pulse from competition to competition.

Last year my PC crashed and I had to re-install everything, including my pulse files. (but my paper printouts are still safe).

My “diaries” from 2003-2007 are still great resources, full of information which is easily dug out, and can be compared with all the other books. No hassle, no password, no digging up old files from “somewhere”.

I like some of the features on dailymile, like mapping out my route. But now that I have some of my files logged in there, and some in the pulse watch, I have lost control. And even though I can go back and check previous months on the web, I still prefer laying out my books side by side so I can physically see all my times and distances.

I will keep entering my training times in dailymile, but I think I need to start filling in my Kondis diaries again, and start color coding, just to be on the safe side.

Maybe I`m just old.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

something in my eye!

Why is it that every time i go running or cycling, and decide not to wear my sunglasses, something inevitably decides to fly directly into my eye? I mean, come on, how big is my eye anyway? Or is it my eyelashes that start acting like a venus flytrap?
And even worse is when, by the time I get home, the bug/insect/small animal is impossible to find when I try to dig it out... which makes me think, is it now inside my head?

Cycling tip

Something I learned from yesterdays ride with Ellen and Jokke: when you need to refill your water bottles, find the nearest church. They will always have an easily accessible water hose available with fresh cold water.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I`m back! Or... did I ever leave?

After talking with my friend last night, I decide to get my own blog so I can write about all the things I can possibly think of, thinking that people actually find an interest in this and will read my thoughts. Or maybe just to vent.

But when I want to create my blog: guyhuste, I am told that it is already taken. Uh, what? How many GuyHustes are there?
When I check out this guyhuste I see that it is, in fact, just me. From September 2005, almost 4 years ago, I decided to create my own blog.
Obviously I quickly lost interest and forgot about the whole thing.
Well after a quick search through my papers with usernames and logins (yes, I keep these on physical sheets of paper and not on a PC... which always tends to crash and lose all info) I actually found my 4 year old password.
Now it looks as if I am back again and can write to my hearts content.

But do I really need to be here? I already have,,, and of course my Facebook page which already has light hearted stuff about my adventures in triathlon and photo and teachings.

Will it take me another 4 years for my next post?
We`ll see how long it will last this time...