Monday, June 29, 2009


We talk alot about nutrition and diet, especially in our little triathlon community. Just recently I went to a nutritionist to get some more pointers. No real big surprises: eat more veggies, drink more water, less milk products, etc.
But she also wants me to cut coffee and replace it with green tea.
Quit coffee? Is she insane?

There`s nothing like waking up to the smell of a nice warm cup of strong coffee. And when served in my Denny`s mug (which I`ve borrowed from Denny`s in Houston), I`m ready to face the world.

And by the way, I`ve tasted green tea. It tastes like ass.

I`ll cut down on milk products, and maybe even chocolate. I`ll eat more fish and go searching for ecological fruits and veggies. I`ll make smoothies with bananas and avocados and Omega 3.
But don`t take away my coffee!


  1. "I`ve tasted green tea. It tastes like ass."


    Oh, the pictures in my head - go away!

    Just for the record, are you talking about "ass" as in a donkey, or are you misspelling "arse"? Either way I can't help myself wondering whose arse tastes of green tea, and not to mention which donkey?

    Or did you simply miss out on the two first letters of "grass" which is a very accurate description indeed of how green tea tastes.

  2. Actually, "ass" in the US dictionary, in addition to the aforementioned long-eared mammal, is defined under "slang, vulgar: the buttocks". So no, I did not misspell it ;-)

    Either way... arse, ass or donkey... if judging by the smell alone, green tea tastes like it.

    Now go get a hot cup of java! :-)