Monday, March 01, 2010

spin me right ´round, right ´round baby

Sorry, very cheezy 80´s reference.
But! I went spinning yesterday! For 2 hours no less. First one this year.
Thanks to Oslofjord and a little bit of sweet talk to the right person at Sats, and we were able to have the spinning hall to ourselves.
With a big screen tv showing us up the mountains in the French alps, the 2 hours went by... well not fast, but they went by ;-)
I would have rather been in Spain with Ellen and Joachim, outside, on dry roads, in shorts.
Photo: Marit


  1. Well, now I know what song I'll have on my mind tonight when I'm swimming.
    I liked that one, though.
    I like cheezy 80's references :o)

  2. I agree... Keep the 80's references coming! (And in english! Woot!) :)