Friday, July 10, 2009

TdF Stage 6 – Thor de France! (sorry, that is kinda cheesy)

But I just couldn`t help it.
Thor won an impressive stage win in yesterday`s long and wet stage from Gèrone to Barcelona. With a total distance of 181.5 km, the final kilometers would prove to be extremely difficult as the riders were falling left and right on the slippery wet tarmac and several turns. It was nerve wracking to watch, but Thor was well planted on the ground.
He not only wins the sprint but has a whole bike length between him and Freire, who came in second.

This is Thor`s 7th win in the TdF (8 if you count the team tempo in 2001).

Cavendish, the current green jersey holder, came in 16th place. This means that Thor took a big chunk out of his lead and is only one point behind Cavendish`s 106 points. In third place is Ciolek with 66 points.

Lance congratulating Thor after the stage win.

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