Friday, July 03, 2009

the nude cyclist

In my continuing pursuit to take good, artistic nude photos, I sometimes use myself as the model when I cannot get others to pose for me. I love the human body, and am greatly inspired by photographers like Mapplethorpe and Anton Corbijn (Corbijn does not do nudes, but does incredible work for Depeche and U2).

nude cyclist

So, when my photographer cancelled on me, Ellen stepped up to the plate and took camera in hand.
I had spent all day setting up the backdrop, the lights, and camera settings, so I was incredibly pleased when she did not mind taking photos of me in the buff.

In fact, she did a great job! Finding new angles, experimenting, and coming with suggestions. It was a great advantage that she is also a cyclist and could get me in the "correct" position.

nude cyclist

This is my favorite,
and the one I was aiming for.

These last two were more for fun.
Thanks Tim for letting me borrow your helmet! It was the perfect size :-)
nude cyclistnude cyclist

And thank you Ellen for helping me out :-)

I have to admit, it was kinda weird trying to look normal as I was balancing on the bike.
What one does for the sake of art ;-)

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  1. We have naked bike ride here in Toronto, Canada, sometime in June.