Sunday, July 26, 2009

cycling is bliss II

Friday evening I get an sms "ride tomorrow at 11:00 wanna join in?"
Of course I`m in.
Saturday morning, as I am putting on new tires on my bike, I get a new text from another guy - "wanna ride today?"
Suddenly we`re 3.
Already I`m in a good mood. Only thing better than a ride is a ride with good friends.
We meet up at Hvervenbukta at 11 (ok... I was 5 minutes late) - and we head out. We had not decided on where or for how long, but one of the guys suggested a 100 km ride.
I immediately suggest we ride out to Son - my new favorite route that you can read about in my first cycling is bliss blog.
So we head out and I lead the way. I`m still a little impressed with my memory of this route, considering how my teflon memory forgets everything else including my Moms birthday and paying rent on time.
I guess I have my priorities...

The weather gets better end better as we get closer to Son. Spirits are high. We tell stories and lies and jokes - and plans for the next 2 weekends which will both be filled up with Norseman.

Clive is doing The Norseman Crew race with me - his second - and it`s really cool having him back as he did the very first one with me in 2003.
Tim is doing the official Norseman the week after - his fifth - and might be needing me for support.
And I will be doing the Crew race - my fifth Norseman as well - and Tim will be support for both of us.
So it`s a nice little trio riding together.

We make it to Son where we have a well deserved break before heading back home.
And just in time to catch the end of the last stage in the TdF.
Thor gets the green jersey!

Sometimes it just seems like cycling could solve all of life`s problems.
Thanks for a great ride guys!

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