Saturday, July 04, 2009

cycling is bliss

I don`t know why more people don`t ride their bike. It`s just the best freedom.
It`s your own human power driving you forward.

Yesterday I wanted to do a repeat of the ride I did with E&J a week earlier. From my house, down to Son, and back.
I felt really strong and could easily hold a 30-40 km pace the whole way.
The sun was high, temperature 28 and I was not even wearing socks!
As I was riding I was hoping for more bike-tan-lines on the top of my feet ;-)

With the exception of a little detour to Hvitstein, I made it to Son with no problems. I covered about 53 km in 1:44 and had a 30.5 km average.
I stopped here, took my shoes off, bought a hot dog, went down to the pier and breathed in the ocean air.

I refilled my 2 water bottles, put my shoes back on, and headed back on my trusted Cannondale.
There must be something about the weather with me, because I was just smiling the whole way. And the roads were practically empty of cars.

The total trip was 114.5 km and I made it in 3:56. Thats a 29 km/h average total.

I went out to the balcony, stripped off my clothes, and had a Dr Pepper! (thats another story).
Never felt so good!
20 minutes later was the start of this years Tour de France! (not a coincidence that I made it back in time for this).

Cycling is bliss!

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