Friday, August 14, 2009

the nude blog

It`s funny actually, this curiosity we have about nudity. And how in many ways it`s still taboo, both the subject of nudity and just being nude.
I have written 2 blogs here about my experiences with it (the nude model and the nude cyclist), but it took about 6 months before I dared publish them.
"What would people think" ... well now I don`t care, I am who I am, plus I wanted to get some feedback.

But the interesting thing is that I got no comments or replies. Not to my modeling at the art schools, nor to my artistic cycling shots.
So I assumed people were not interested, or that maybe they just had not found my blogs at all.
Well it turns out that people have been reading these blogs... they just didn`t want to leave a trail. Talking with my friends last weekend, one of the girls made a comment about my new job, and kinda smiled. I thought she was talking about my new teaching job that I start on Monday, but no, she was talking about my nude modeling.
She had found my blog and seen the ones tagged "nude" and of course had to immediately check it out.
But she did not want to write anything... "no I didn`t dare". Not sure why.
I have gotten quite a lot of positive feedbacks though, mostly in person, which I think is very exciting. I have heard everything from "that is really cool" to a simple (and possibly my favorite) "æsj!".
What is art?
Am I just taking pictures of naked people or am I creating art? Am I simply walking around naked in an art class for the fun of it or am I learning more about the nude body and all of its complexities?
I hope most of my readers will pick the latter in both of these questions. But I also expect a lot of snickering and "æsj" ...unfortunately.
Either way, I will continue doing this and also strive to take better nude photos, as this is possibly the most difficult to do... without them looking like a Playboy shot.

Below are three of my favorites from my "nude pregnant" series. I finally got the lighting right. Hopefully I will get more of these photo opportunities.
And hopefully I will continue to get modeling gigs. I have learned a lot from being in these art classes.

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  1. So, here is finally a comment for you!

    It is interresting to visit the blog of another life model to see how a male in the same position as me is thinking. I can see that you like what you do, which is important to do a good job. I do not earn half the money I can do in my main job by life modelling, but if I could choose I would rather do the nude work full time.

    To be honest, I am constantly searching for new challenges, and hope to be a part of some performance exhibition one day if some artist need me. If you look into my blog, there is an article about Marina Abramovic who uses nude models a lot. Look here:

    Good luck with your work, we maybe meet some day!