Sunday, August 23, 2009

aaaaaaahh free at last

I rode my bike to work today! :-)
All last week, with my troubled lower back, I was forced to taking the public transport system to and from work.
If it had at least been raining and freezing cold it would not have been all that bad. But when the sun is out and I am crammed into a subway cart, people sitting on top of each other... everybody talking on their cell phone or listening to their iTunes, or both, and the kids screaming and crying....
I feel claustrophobic.
My back is still not 100% better, and I am still in need of more physical therapy. But I felt good enough to sit on my bike and ride the 6,5 km to work, with the only sounds around me being traffic.
No more iTunes blasting from every direction, or having to sit and wait for the subway.

Today I am free again.

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