Thursday, August 13, 2009

how much crap... it possible to accumulate in 1-2 years? Obviously a lot!
I was going to get my Mom to empty out and throw away stuff we have in our storage units. Instead we started by cleaning up in my office, bedroom, kitchen and balcony storage. We are now in our 4th day and still throwing stuff away.
Don`t even ask me what all this crap is... but we are slowly filling up the trash container in my block (don`t tell my neighbors).
The advantage is that my office is now twice as big!
And I can actually see what I have in my kitchen pantry.
But still... I feel I do this once a year, and every time I end up throwing away a ton of stuff.
No wonder our landfills are filling up.
Once we fill up this planet we will have to move to the moon.

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