Thursday, February 18, 2010

subway conspiracy

So yesterday I am literally running like an idiot to catch my 8:29 subway to work (I know... I should have taken the bike, long story).
Anyways, it`s already 8:28 and I can see that it hasn`t left yet. I try to stamp my ticket but the machine isnt working. So I fly down the stairs and towards the cabin. As I am pushing the button on the door to let me in, the subway starts to leave!
I am right there, pushing on the door! Let me in!
Incredibly frustrating.

And then today, I figure it`s pointless to run since it was again 8:28. But when I get there at 8:31 it is still there!? And again, as soon as I enter the station, the subway starts to pull away!!

I just know that somebody somewhere is sitting there with a camera, laughing, as they watch me running after the subway, in my pre-coffee half-awake state.
Tomorrow I am taking the bike.

1 comment:

  1. Murphy's Law I'm afraid. That's just the way things are. Sympathy is on its way!