Wednesday, February 24, 2010

fun in the snow - the German way

Where were these girls on Saturday when I was freezing my ass off and could have needed some warm cheers from the sidelines?

This was in the Harz mountains, Germany, where 30 men and women did a topless toboggan race... and 14,000 spectators showed up!

Check out the video link at the bottom too: (warning for Americans: not censored like the CBS channel felt a need to do).


  1. Well you know, that's how much fun there is in Germany.
    If you need some warm cheering up on your next Grenader race, let me know, I might show up ;-)

    I can't promise it'll be as hot as with those girls in the Harz mountains, but as I'm German, I might as well give it a try :D :D

  2. That`s the best proposition I`ve read in a long time Imke ;-)
    And I just might take you up on that next time I sign up for my next ski race ;-D