Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the standing nude male - a tough day at work III

So Thursday last week was my 4th day modeling for the art class, still in the same pose as the 3 previous times. The teacher saw me stretching during one of my breaks and asks me if it´s tough. I said "Yes, I am starting to feel it".
He says "well you know we´ve been easy on you"... pointing out afterwards that he normally wants an even more complicated pose, with more twists, and maybe arms in the air.
So... today will be my 5th time (out of 8 total), and he has already told me that they will now want me in a different pose for the remaining 4 classes, and that it will be more complex.
Not sure if I am looking forward to this, but I´ve already lined up my physical therapist to take care of me this week ;-)

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