Wednesday, February 02, 2011

the standing nude male - a tough day at work

It has been a while, about 2 months, since I have posed for a life drawing class. So I was pleasantly surprised when I suddenly got 8 classes lined up for February.
Last night was my first class, and it is in a school I have not been to before, so I was a little nervous. Every class demands something different, both in the types of poses and duration of each pose. I am used to the short poses, ranging from 1 to 5 minutes, and pretty much poses of my own choice.
It was a fairly big class, with about 15 students, all ranging from about 20 to 60. The teacher wanted me to stand on a table, in the classic "contrapposto" pose, and keep it for 20 minutes. In fact, he wanted me to keep that same pose for the entire class, which lasts 2,5 hours. They put tape around my feet so that I can easily find my way back to the pose after my 10 minute break.
The pose was not that unusual, to start with, but he wanted me to put more weight on the right foot, plus twist my body a little to give the students more angles to work with. In addition he wanted my left arm to rest behind my back, right above my bum, which gave more definition to my back (I guess), and for me to look a little more up at an angle.
The pose is a little similar to the classic Michelangelo´s David, except for the arm.
I spent every 10 minute break with stretching and stretching and drinking water. My right foot was tensing up, and it got worse for every 20 minute session. My left arm and shoulder were kinda sore too from being twisted behind my back. Luckily I have spent the last month preparing for this, with some running and yoga, and I think that saved me.
I got a lot of positive feedback from the teacher and some of the students, and they clapped for me at the end of the class, so I guess I did good. I felt I was shaking a bit towards the end, but maybe they didn´t notice.
Tonight I need to do some yoga in order to stretch out. Next class is tomorrow already, and who knows what he wants me to do then.

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