Thursday, February 10, 2011

drawing the nude

I thought I´d explain a little bit more what the students are doing during my Tuesday and Thursday life drawing classes. The reason that the teacher wants me to hold the same position for the entire 2,5 hour class is because the students need to "build me up" from the ground, breaking me up into cylinders and geometric shapes, and not just draw what they see.
It´s basically a study in how the body moves, and stands. So they draw me from one angle, then move to a different spot in order to study the same pose from a different angle.
It´s really cool, and if I were to take a drawing class I would probably want to go here, because I have not seen any other school here in Norway teach life drawing in this manner.
Here is an example that I found on the web (it´s not a drawing of me).

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