Wednesday, February 09, 2011

the standing nude male - a tough day at work II

This should really be called part 3, but I never wrote an update from day 2.
On Thursday, last week, I went back for my second day posing for the 2,5 hour life drawing class at the Christiania FriAkademiet school in Oslo. I was still sore from the static one-pose-class from Tuesday, so I was looking forward to doing something new. I got changed into my robe and slippers (always looks like I live there when I do), and got ready to pose. The teacher looks at me and says "do the same pose you did on Tuesday", and "I want the same pose all day".
Oh well.

Yesterday I had my third modeling session with the class, and sure enough: "keep the same pose as last week".
The pieces of tape that mark where my feet were are still stuck to my yoga mat, so it´s easy for me to get back into the pose. But it´s killer on my lower back and my left shoulder (since he wants my left arm to be resting behind my back, right over my bum).

I have already started going to a physical therapist to help me get re-alligned. Probably something I should do regularly anyways, because there is still some knots in my neck from my bike/car accident from 6-7 years ago.

I do enjoy posing for the class though. It´s a very structured class, and it´s the first time I´ve seen a school here in Oslo teaching the fundamentals of drawing the human body. I just wish he would let me do different poses. I´m more than a one-pose pony ;-)

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