Saturday, May 01, 2010

photoshop fun: ice castle

What to do on a Saturday when its cold and raining outside? Play with my new Photoshop CS5 thats what! The 2 original shots were taken with my Canon PowerShot compact camera (1 with and 1 without flash). After a bit of layering and blending, the final result came out pretty cool.
One of the new things in CS5 is the Content-Aware Fill. It has kind of a mind of its own... but worked real nice in this shot.

The two shots below were the originals and were fused together to make the one above:


  1. Ok you had me with the whole King of the ice palace thing... until the Justa a little to Lands End-Eddie Bauer...

  2. hehe... well what should the King wear? You don`t want him to catch a cold do you? (I think that`s why I colored them blue in the finished shot).