Friday, May 21, 2010

triathlon training camp: denmark - day 1

For the 3rd year in a row, the Oslofjord triathlon club is in Sæby, Denmark to do their training camp. We are here from Friday to Monday with a pretty intense schedule.
Today started with 1.5 hour swim, from 6:30 am! (I have to admit, I was not in the pool until 6:50).
Breakfast was served at 8. A very good breakfast with all the trimmings.
The group, ready before todays ride.

At 9:45 we all met up for a briefing of todays cycling route. We headed off at 10.
The total distance for me was 126 km. We were out for 5.5 hours, but the actual cycling time was 4.5 hours, so we obviously had a lot of stops ;-)
Granted, we had 3 flats!
We were very lucky with the weather and its been sunny and about 18-19 degrees. BUT, after about 4 hours a heavy shower came through which lasted about 10 minutes, and I got pretty cold. Luckily we only had about an hour left before we got back to the hostel.
Dinner was served at 6 pm. Delicious!
I am now sitting comfortably in the room, and headed off to bed soon. The same routine follows tomorrow.

Drafting behind a tractor.

Trond fixing his 2nd flat of the day!
My lovely triathlon socks :-)
Stretching out in the sun after a long ride.
Helmet head.
Dinner is served!

It is now 9:45 pm. I need to go to bed!

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