Tuesday, May 25, 2010

triathlon training camp: denmark - day 3

Sunday: Triple Brick Day!
We´ve all been waiting for this day.
But first we had to have our morning swim. And as per usual... 6 am came even earlier today. I was tired and was hurting in new places.
Normal routine... the alarm went off, got some coffee and a banana, shuffled over to the pool. Today I even made it in the pool by 6:40.
And strangely enough I managed to swim 2800 meters in a little over an hour.

After a well needed breakfast we met up at 9:15 to gather everyone together. At exactly 9:29 we all headed out in our cars, stacked with bikes and gear, over to Casa Grande.
Mr and Mrs Grande were waiting for us so we could have our base camp there, just like the past 2 years. Extremely nice of them to let a bunch of triathletes invade their lawn.

So here´s the game plan.
We cycle for x amount of time or distance, then run x amount of time or distance. Repeat 2 times. I opted for the nice version: 1 round of cycling 18 km, then 1 round of running 2.7 km.
Goldie and a couple of others, who are on a whole different planet, went for 2 rounds of cycling and 2,5 rounds of running. Oh, and the whole idea here is that each brick is supposed to be done faster than the last... a negative split.
So after a quick debriefing by Goldie we set out for 1 master round of cycling so that everyone would know the route. When we came back we just headed out for our individual triple brick.

I started out pretty good, except that it hurt even more sitting on the bike. Did my seat get harder and smaller?
The winds were not giving us any mercy today... and again it seemed like we were getting a head wind from every angle. There was only a small stretch of road, on the way back, where we got a tail wind. But I felt pretty good and did the first round in 38 minutes. The first running was done in 14 minutes.
But then I felt really slow. The second round seemed very tough, and I did it in 40 minutes. Not good. But I managed to do the second run in exactly the same time as the first.
Third and last round seemed lighter suddenly. I managed to get energy from somewhere and did it in 36 minutes! Very nice :-)
The last running round was done in 12:40! So even though my second round was the slowest, I managed to come back in the third. (not sure if this is approved by Mr Goldie though).

At this point we were all coming in, one by one, tired and hungry. The sun was out, and Mrs Grande was serving us home made cakes and juice and even beer! Their lawn was simply covered with bicycles and triathletes. As a thank you we gave them 3 bottles of wine, one of which even had a bicycle on the label.

When we were all done we headed back to our base to get some dinner. There was not much activities after this, and we were all pretty much in bed by 9 pm.
BUT! My car acted up on the way back from Casa Grande. This would be a bigger problem than I first anticipated... but more on that later.
Day 3 was a success! Again! And a huge thank you to the Grande family who graciously took us in.

One more thing. A few of us headed over to the beach to cool off. The water was quite refreshing, but extremely nice after a hot day in the sun.
I already miss Denmark.

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