Friday, April 30, 2010

photoshop convention was a success!

The Photoshop convention was a success yesterday. At least, as far as I could tell.

Photographer Jens Haugen was first up with 2 sessions. His photography is quite impressive, and it´s always exciting to learn tips and tricks from other photographers. Afterwards came Martin Evening, photographer and Photoshop guru. He has written books about Photoshop for several years, so watching him show us tricks was exciting, and not to mention the brand new goodies from the just released CS5 version!

Then finally it was my turn to talk, for about 40 minutes. I had been pretty anxious this whole week, and not slept at all the night before. But it seemed to go well. No glitches, and even got a few laughs from the 80 or so people watching. After my solo performance I was joined by Stig and the 2 of us had an hour together with "tips and tricks" as our theme. It all seemed to go really well, but it´s hard not to be biased when you´re in the middle of it.
Afterwards we went to a bar in Aker Brygge to have a beer. I was SO releaved it was all over, and incredibly exhausted.
I can feel it today even... my body feels like a big hangover. And it was not from the beer.
I have posted more photos on Facebook:

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