Monday, April 12, 2010

one final ski weekend

Just when I thought I had packed away the skis for the year, I get invited to a weekend in Hafjell to celebrate Kurt´s birthday. I could not resist of course.
The weather was great! I went skiing for a couple of hours on Saturday, while the others were enjoying a more relaxing past-time at the "after-ski".
The bottom photo is the "cabin" we stayed in.
The view from the cabin where you can see "Fakkelmannen" (the man with the torch) which was made for the ´94 Olympics.


  1. Lainie Stueber12 April, 2010 10:11

    Beautiful view, and it looks like some great skiing.

  2. Really nice pictures, Guy! Your camera takes some really sharp and crisp photos. Loved the videos, too. Ken

  3. Thanks :-)
    And yes, I am loving my new compact camera that I gor for Christmas. It takes great pictures and videos. Glad you liked the videos Ken... I was thinking of you when I took them :-)