Saturday, December 26, 2009

happy birthday!

It was a wonderful birthday, and my 41st if anyone was wondering ;)
Had a nice breakfast with the family, then went out to see the new Avatar movie by James Cameron.
We opted for the 3D version... which is highly recommended!! I was blown away by the special effects and the 3D, which has really come a long way since the red and blue paper glasses we had to wear before. Now they look like those Ray Bans from the 80s, with regular glass that doesnt mess up your vision afterwards.
Anyways... go see it!
Went to a nice sushi restaurant, followed by lots o presents :)
Many lovely presents including the latest book by Lance Armstrong and some camera goodies.
Too tired to remember all now as I need to go to bed.
And it was nice reading all the birthday wishes on my Facebook page.
Turning 41 isn't so bad.


  1. Happy b-day, Guy!! It seems like you had a great day (considering turning 41!!!). Ha ha;) Remember that you are not older than you actually feel!!
    In Norway it`s snow caos and it`s expecting to get temperature -20. Brrr.. Freeeezing!
    Enjoy your stay and happy new year!

  2. Thank you Iselin :))
    It was a really nice birthday with my family.
    I've been watching the weather in Oslo from here and I don't mind being in Houston for a little while longer ;)