Monday, December 21, 2009

destination houston - delays delays delays

It seems like every time I travel to Houston theres always problems. This time the oproblems started already before I left the house.
I wanted to be at the airport by 5:00 am so I had ordered a taxi to pick me up at 04:00.
At 04:10 there was still no cab so I called to find out what happened. Turns out there was a mixup and they sent a new cab. Also, the price they had given me was wrong and he said it would be 860 kroners instead of 550 kroners. Well, thats not my problem is it... they cant change the price on me after giving me a quote.
They were nice about it and will give me back the money they owe me.
I had bigger concerns.
The cab didn't come until 4:30. But he said he could make it there in 30 minutes, so I felt a little better. It was cold and icy weather, and as soon as we came out on the main road, E6, up towards the airport, there were 3 snow plows blocking both lanes, going 40 kmh (instead of 100 kmh which is the speed limit). My cab had no choice but to follow them in that speed.
I ended up falling asleep in the cab.
We didn't get to the airport until 5:30! The flight leaves at 6:25!
Luckily there were almost no lines, so I quickly checked in.
The flight left on time, and I arrived at Schippol airport on time. Next flight was scheduled to leave at 10:50 for Houston.
It was delayed until 11:15.
Luckily I always pack an energy bar in my carry on, so I ate that.
11:30 - We finally boarded, and they started to de-ice the plane.
12:00 - message from the captain: we should be leaving soon.
13:00 - conditions are not good. We don't have enough runway to make a safe lift off.
13:30 - we are still sitting on the ground, and I am getting seriously hungry. Message from the captain is that we may have to cancel the flight.
13:45 - we are allowed to take off anyway!

We finally take off and I am now eagerly awaiting some food!
The first round of snacks include a small drink and a tiny packet of roasted almonds. It's a 12 gram packet of maybe 10 almonds. I look at the stewardess with a desparate look and ask her if I can get an extra packet. She hesitantly gives me another packet.
Luckily the dinner arrived soon after. These dinners never really taste anything at all.

The flight was fairly nice and quiet. Not too much turbulence. I was watching some of the movies but I was sleeping on and off through G-force (the kids movie about gerbils) and the Harry Potter movie.

Anyways, we finally land in Houston! Only 2 hours late. I zoom through customs with no problems, and find both my luggages! And make it through the gates.
I can see Ken waiting for me waiving, and pointing to where the kids are.
I can see Mom and Stian and Annika holding a "Welcome home Uncle Guy" sign that they had painted for me.
It felt great to be back.

I felt kinda bad because the airline had not reported any delays to the people waiting, so Mom, Erik, Ken and the kids had been waiting for over 2 hours for me to arrive.
But all of that was forgotten when I got there, and we went out to get some dinner.

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