Saturday, January 23, 2010

cross country skiing - first trip this year

I finally took out my skis from the basement and prepped them for this years first little outing. The conditions were perfect! Minus 4 Celsius, and blue wax for the skis. The trip went from Skullerudstua (which is only a few minutes from my house, up to Mariholtet, which is about 6.3 km each way.
It`s pretty much only uphill on the way there, but that only means lots o fun downhills on the way home. The pace was comfortable, and I took a few pitstops in order to take some photos and videos. I am still in love with the snow covered landscapes and can`t help taking photos.
Having used a ton of new muscles, I expect to be pretty sore tomorrow. My total time was 1:26, but take away the 7 minutes at Mariholtet and a few more minutes taking pictures, I can probably log in 1:15 to my training log.
I will try to download some of the videos, but I`m not sure I can do that in this blog. In the meantime here are some photos :-)

Skullerudstua - about 4pm.

Nøklevann - the lake that we swim across during the summer.

Mariholtet - my halfway mark. There is a cafe here where you can get hot cocoa, coffee and waffles.

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