Monday, November 23, 2009

when cyclists party

Once a year, my bike club Frikransen gathers together for an end of the year christmas party. It`s always strange at first when we see each other in our "civilian" clothes and not our standard cycling gear. But as always it is alot of fun.
So Friday night we were invited to Øyvind`s place and were served an incredible meal, including an appetizer that you can see below.

With a champagne welcome drink, and very nice red wine for dinner, followed by coffe and cognac, led to a pretty happy group. The christmas presents game at the end has become a tradition as well... although this year I did not get a present. Oh well. I still have a bunch of nice photos I intend to use for blackmail.

And here`s a link to my photo gallery
Merry Christmas! :-)

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