Sunday, November 15, 2009

warning signs?

I had just finished lunch at work, Thursday, when suddenly I got this pain in the side of my chest. Felt mostly like the cramps you get when running. I didn`t think much of it at first and excused myself from class, thinking I could "walk it off". Well it didn`t go away but rather it got worse. It was painful breathing in and I could barely keep standing.

I dropped everything and took a cab downtown to the emergency room.
The doctor was not sure what this could be, so she took some x-rays and took about 3 viles of blood from me.
Before I knew it I was in a hospital bed in my own room waiting for the results (well, actually I shared a room with an older Pakistani man who turned out to be very talkative).

The blood results didn`t come back until 7 pm, but they all came back negative. None of the x-rays showed anything either.
This was all good news of course, but basically I still didn`t know what this was. Maybe it was muscular? Was it an anxiety attack? I got to talk to the doctor again, before going home, but all we could do is speculate.
Today is Sunday and I have tried to just take it easy the past few days. Went swimming for a while yesterday and that felt really good. It still feels like somebody punched me in the side, but I don`t have any problems breathing.

Maybe my body is angry with me for not training actively anymore.
I don`t really know what to do, but I am taking this as some sort of warning sign and I need to change my daily routines.


  1. Det høyrtest jo dramatisk ut, men bra at du blei tatt på alvor. Brystsmerter kan jo vera så mangt. Godt det ikkje var noko alvorleg. Eg håpar at du finn ut om det. Akutte smerter i brysten er jo uansett teikn på at kroppen ikkje er heilt einig med deg. Men kva kan det vera? Lytt etter kroppen din. God bedring, Guy!

  2. Tusen takk Imke :)
    Det var mer på siden at det gjorde vondt. Litt støl enda faktisk, som om noen har slått meg i siden. Men nå skal jeg melde meg på litt yoga og diverse, da jeg tror mer og mer at dette er muskulært.