Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the predictably unreliable transit system

Yesterday I had to take the subway to work, instead of riding my bike, since I was also taking the train up to Gjøvik. It was to be a long day.
After day`s end in Gjøvik, and the 2 hour train back home, I only had the 30 minute subway to take me the last stretch.
But only halfway home, at Bryn station, all the lights went off in the subway car and we were told that there was no electricity on the tracks. Thats it. No other options. Just a nice message that there was an electricity breach.
There were no taxis, so I walked up to Manglerud in hopes of finding one. There were about 6-7 other people in line for the taxis there too, so I walked further to Ryen where I finally found an available taxi.
I did not get home until 21:30, an hour late.

The exact same thing happened 2 weeks ago when I also needed to travel up to Gjøvik. The subway on the way home lost its electricity feed and we had to find other means of transportation.

This morning, as I happily rode my bike to work, I could see the subway platform filled with people waiting in the rain for the subway. It looks like they have not been able to fix the problems.

And people ask me why I ride my bike to work.

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