Wednesday, September 30, 2009

an apple a year

I love apples!
Unfortunately I am allergic to them.
All of the store bought apples that is. Don`t ask me why... I don`t get it either. I have tried all kinds including ecological apples, but the results are the same... my throat starts to itch.
But! I found out a few years ago that apples picked straight from the trees are okay. No reaction whatsoever.
Which means that the fall season is "apple season" for me.

It just so happens that I pass a house on my way to work that has posted a sign "Please pick our apples. We have too many". So every morning I pick 2-3 apples.
Maybe it`s because apples have been such a rare food item for me, but these apples taste incredibly good!
I am tempted to pick a whole bunch this week and make an apple pie, seeing how the frost is coming and the trees are still full of unharvested apples. It`s a shame really that so many apple trees go unharvested. I see that most of the apples just fall to the ground and rot away.
Well, I am gonna eat as many apples as I can before they fall from the trees. Then I have to wait patiently for the next apple season.

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  1. Hi Guy,
    I was just gonna give you this link:

    And then I read the earlier post on how Mr Frost was coming. Weird. Well, how bout them apples?