Monday, October 05, 2009

still seeking tolerance and acceptance

I was simply appalled and amazed after reading the negative reactions that TV2 have received because they have included a gay participant in the "Jakten på Kjærligheten" (Search for Love) show in Norway. The show tries to find a parter for a girl or a guy and has, until now, had heterosexuals on the show. Now that they include a gay man on the show it is causing a stir and people do not wish to watch this on tv.
I would expect this negative reaction (or at least not be surprised) from the southern states in America, the so-called "Christian bible-belt", where they love to pull quotes from the bible about how man is not supposed to be with another man. But I really thought that this sort of prejudism was gone from today`s Norway.
Not long ago it was declared legal for same-sex marriage in Norway, which was a great victory for the gay community. But there is still a lot of gay-related violence (gay bashing) in the streets of Oslo.
I can only imagine how difficult it is to "come out" and accept that one is gay, and how reports like this will make it even more difficult... not just to accept that one is gay, but feel comfortable with it and to feel accepted. I simply do not understand why people still cannot accept a persons sexual preference an instead look for ones inner beauties.
We are all simply looking for love and acceptance. Whether this is with a person of opposite sex or not is irrelevant.

The article, in Norwegian, can be read here. What is even more scary are the reactions written in below the article. The article does not state the number of complaints that were called in to the station... I just hope it is a minute number.

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