Wednesday, October 21, 2009

cycling to work

It`s getting darker. It`s getting colder. It`s getting wetter.

Cycling to work is not just putting on some cycling shorts and heading out the door. The amount of layers of clothing and additions to the bike has increased in the past few weeks. So far, this is my wardrobe:
-long sleeved thermal top -
-bike shorts -
-a long legged outer shell that is semi water/wind proof in the front -
-a windproof vest over that -
-a winter bike jacket -
-a waterproof bike jacket over that (yellow for more visibility) -
-a latex-like head cap underneath helmet (windproof) -
-water-resistant booties over my shoes -
-winter gloves -
-reflective strips around my legs.

In addition I have added a blinking white headlight on the handlebars and a blinking red light under my seat.
On rainy days I have a yellow plastic cover for my backpack which is waterproof and has a reflective strip.

I am waiting with the studded tires... but they are right around the corner.

At this point it probably would be faster just taking the subway... but there`s still something satisfying about riding to work.

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