Monday, March 07, 2011


Project: 1000BodiesProject
Photographer: Kenneth Sortland Myklebust (technically me as it was a self portrait)
Model: Me
Kenneth Sortland Myklebust is wanting to get 1000 people to show up and take a self portrait of themselves wearing only a mask. Where you decide to put the mask is up to you. You walk into the studio by yourself and are handed the clicker. You only get one chance. Once you click, get dressed and get back out. A few minutes later Kenneth shows you the finished result.

Check out his Facebook page and join in!


  1. I hope everybody gets a different mask, ew.

  2. Nice contribution!

    Karin: If you would desist from using the mask of hygienic reasons, you could simply use the mask in another way than to cover your face. See an example of what I mean here: