Sunday, August 29, 2010

photomission: Jean Michel Jarre: fighting the elements

Last night, August 28, was a chance to see one of my favorite electronic gurus, Jean Michel Jarre. I saw him in concert when he was in Oslo several years ago, but it was an inside show, so the experience was missing something. Jarre should be experienced outside.
I had a couple of friends who wanted me to buy a ticket... but I opted to prioritize photography. This was a chance to take some superb photos... I hoped.
The elements would be challenging however, as it was raining almost all night long. So in addition to the cold weather, I was trying to balance an umbrella over my camera while focusing and adjusting the camera.
I am glad I prioritized taking pictures. I could hear Mr Jarres music perfectly from the other side of the Akershus Fortress walls, plus I could move around freely to compose my shots. At 11:30 pm I ran from the concert arena to the other side of Aker Pier to get a perfect view of the Fortress lit up with laser beams and fireworks!
I was not home until 2 am, cold and wet... but a nice hot shower, and a hot cup of cocoa warmed me right up as I started loading up the over 200 shots from the long night.

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