Sunday, June 13, 2010

tunnelløpet: the tunnel run

This was a new one. A 10 km run that went through a tunnel. It´s the new tunnel in Oslo that has not been opened to the cars yet. So this is another one of those "one time only" runs.
My running has been pathetic this year, so I had no goal other than to have a good time and to maybe meet a few friends. And I did both. I met Joachim at the starting line. And then during the run, actually right at the 5 km mark, I met Trond as he camly and steadily passed me after exchanging a few words. I tried to keep up with him, but there was nothing more for me to give.
I was doing pretty good for the first half, and I thought I could finish in 42 minutes... but my time would be 45:20. Oh well.
It was still a pretty cool run, and I even brought my camera with me so I could get some shots during the run.
Running inside the tunnel was pretty strange. I was expecting it to be cold, which is why I wore the long sleeved thermal. It was actually pretty warm in there, and strangely quiet except for the fans in the ceiling. At the 5 km mark, inside the tunnel, there was a drinking station.


  1. Takk for turen i går Guy, det var motiverende å ta deg igjen, det er jo en sjelden opplevelse for meg :-)
    Vi ser jo ut som blid & sprek ungdom på bildene også ;-)


  2. I like måte Trond :-)
    Jeg skjønte fort at du kom til å ta meg igjen, men jeg hadde jo håpet på å henge på deg inn til mål... men det gikk ikke.
    Blide på bildene er vi likevel :)
    Vi ses!